Quantitative inspection of thickness of thermally sprayed coatings by flash pulse thermographic method

M. Švantner, L. Muzika, A. Moskovchenko, Šárka Houdková, Petra Frková
2020 Proceedings of the 2020 International Conference on Quantitative InfraRed Thermography   unpublished
Flash-pulse thermography is a method for a detection of discontinuities or inhomogeneities in materials at their surface. It is based on an excitation of an inspected sample by a short pulse and analysis of its thermal response. An application of flash-pulse thermography for a quantitative inspection of thickness differences of thermally sprayed coatings is introduced in this contribution. Requirements for a synchronization of thermal response recording and data smoothing precision are
more » ... cision are described. Signal derivative, pulse-phase and time power-transformation (P-function) methods for an evaluation of the thermographic records are presented. Procedure and results of the inspection are demonstrated on HVOF, TWAS and flame sprayed coatings. A comparison of the method showed that the P-function method is the most suitable for a quantification of coating thickness differences. Some characteristic of the method are demonstrated by numerical computation.
doi:10.21611/qirt.2020.042 fatcat:kelmepifxzgvxiobzutiusu3du