A new forum to spread the word on vaccine research

Marcela Pasetti
2011 Vaccine : Development and Therapy  
Welcome to the first edition of Vaccine: Development and Therapy. In these exciting times where the field of vaccinology continues to advance and mature, this journal seeks to provide a venue for wider distribution of original research efforts related to vaccine development, evaluation and implementation. Studies in all disciplines that lead to new and more effective vaccine strategies to prevent diseases or to improve human health are welcomed. Unlike any other medical intervention, vaccines
more » ... vention, vaccines have had a dramatic impact improving quality of life and promoting the wellbeing of society in general. The progress in this area over the past few decades has been unprecedented and much more is expected for the years to come. 1 Modern technology and scientific breakthroughs have led to the discovery of new virulence factors and candidate vaccine antigens. They have also allowed us to devise innovative immunization strategies. Significant progress has been made deciphering cellular interactions and molecular pathways underlying the induction and regulation of immune responses. 2 In addition, a better understanding of the interplay between innate and adaptive immunity has drawn our attention to the study of novel and safer adjuvants. 3 Research efforts have also been directed to address the needs of special populations (i.e. newborns, very young infants and the elderly).
doi:10.2147/vdt.s17656 fatcat:eprblqqegffu5ou2fmagz6hcx4