Experimental-based comparison between off-axis integrated cavity output spectroscopy and multipass-assisted wavelength modulation spectroscopy at 77 µm

Faisal Nadeem, Julien Mandon, Simona M. Cristescu, Amir Khodabakhsh, Frans J. M. Harren
2019 OSA Continuum  
A mid-infrared trace gas detection system based on off-axis integrated cavity output spectroscopy (OA-ICOS) is demonstrated for accurate and sensitive detection of N 2 O in combination with a continuous wave external-cavity quantum cascade laser (EC-QCL) working around 7.7 µm. A 13-times improvement in signal-to-noise ratio is achieved using a re-injection mirror and a minimum detection limit of 70 ppbv in less than 10 s averaging time is achieved, which yields a noise-equivalent absorption
more » ... lent absorption sensitivity (NEAS) of 6×10 −9 cm −1 Hz −1/2 . For comparison, a compact multipass cell is deployed to measure the same absorption line of N 2 O using wavelength modulation spectroscopy with second harmonic detection (WMS-2f). An enhancement factor of 20 in comparison to direct absorption spectroscopy (DAS) is achieved, yielding a minimum detection limit of 15 ppbv in less than 10 s averaging and a NEAS of 1×10 −9 cm −1 Hz −1/2 . A comprehensive comparison between the two systems is carried out in terms of residual amplitude noise (RAM), linearity, long-term stability, detection limit, spectral fitting, reproducibility, and background variations. The proposed sensor based on OA-ICOS is potentially advantageous for trace gas sensing in outdoor applications and harsh environments due to its robustness and flexibility of alignment.
doi:10.1364/osac.2.002667 fatcat:yeevsezep5hl5h4yr5yktyfwfi