Mary C. Karach. 2016. Before Brasilia: Frontier Life in Central Brazil. Albuquerque, NM: University of New Mexico Press

Bridget Maria Chesterton
2017 Middle Atlantic Review of Latin American Studies  
have doubted the helpfulness of Turner. As Mary C. Karasch's shows in her magnum opus on central Brazil, that region is no exception. Karasch's meticulously researched and richly detailed masterpiece demonstrates that the frontier of central Brazil from the middle of the 1500s through the early 1700s was a contested space that was never fully conquered by Luso-Brazilians. It was a place where indigenous people, African slaves and their descendants, and European explorers and profiteers all
more » ... profiteers all grappled for control of natural resources and land in a brutal struggle for basic survival. It was a region where rivers allowed for travel from all directions while mountains and vast tropical foliage simultaneously restricted such access. In other words, European conquest of central Brazil was not a linear process.
doi:10.23870/marlasv1i2bc fatcat:wohf6bktcnentnroxmq2edsbdu