Clinical Observations on Injuries of the Urethra: Delivered at St. George's Hospital

B. Brodie
1842 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
There is a species of contraction of the canal of the urethra, which is called a stricture, but which, in many of its symptoms, differs from ordinary stricture. You will find this subject mentioned in a general way in Sir Everard Home's Works, and in the writings of other surgical authors; but they are not described witli care and accuracy in any surgical work with -which I am acquainted. These obstructions of the canal of the urethra, from mechanical violence, may take place in various ways. A
more » ... in various ways. A boy got a ring drawn over his penis so tight, that the parts were affected with severe inflammation, and it could only be removed by being sa-wn off. The part over which the ring pressed wras between the scrotum and the pubis, and there was an ulcerated opening into the cana of the uirethra; after a time he came into the hospital. The ulcerated opening had been hard and circular, and was now healed over with a cicatrix. At this part the canal of the urethra was much obstructed and narrowed, and a small probe could
doi:10.1136/bmj.s1-3.15.283 fatcat:fczrd6pamnfvnhcrclaf2g6q7y