Effect of storage on optimum scrapping conditions of the nuclear track detector CR-39

Hana Hassan, Rabih Khader
2012 Journal of education and science  
The effect of store for along time away from the optimum store condition for solid state nuclear track detector CR-39 was studied in this work, after irradiated by αparticles emitted from 241 Am(1µCi) source with 3.5 MeV energy for 3min. The detector pieces were etched in 4N-6.25N aqueous solution of NaOH maintained at temperature 70 C o for various times from 0.75 hr -6 hr. The results showed that the optimum condition was 5 N for aqueous solution and 3 hr for etching time at temperature 70 C
more » ... t temperature 70 C o . The bulk etch rate V B and track etch rate V T and efficiency, sensitivity and the critical angle were calculated. ‫المثمى‬ ‫القشط‬ ‫ظروف‬ ‫عمى‬ ‫الخزن‬ ‫تأثير‬ ‫النووي‬ ‫األثر‬ ‫لكاشف‬ CR-39 .
doi:10.33899/edusj.2012.58992 fatcat:jzcfmrlgtja2dlyfor77btjgyy