Efficient Management Of High Level Xmm-Newton Science Data Products

Ivan Zolotukhin
2015 Zenodo  
Like it is the case for many large projects, XMM-Newton data have been used by the community to produce many valuable higher level data products. However, even after 15 years of the successful mission operation, the potential of these data is not yet fully uncovered, mostly due to the logistical and data management issues. We present a web application, http://xmm-catalog.irap.omp.eu, to highlight an idea that existing public high level data collections generate significant added research value
more » ... ded research value when organized and exposed properly. Several application features such as access to the all-time XMM-Newton photon database and online fitting of extracted sources spectra were never available before. In this talk we share best practices we worked out during the development of this website and discuss their potential use for other large projects generating astrophysical data.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.34615 fatcat:2l6zeldtunci7ow5hfsh4fzn3i