SUSY partners for spin-1/2 systems in nonrelativistic limits

Daniel Sabi Takou, Gabriel Y.H. Avossevou, Basile B. Kounouhewa
2015 Open Physics  
AbstractIn this paper, we use some well-known techniques of Supersymmetric QuantumMechanics (SUSYQM) namely the factorization method and shape invariance, to generate new analytically solvable potentials from some interacting fermionic models in nonrelativistic limits. These systems are described by the ordinary and the harmonically trapped Schrödinger-Pauli particle models and the Dirac-Coulomb Hamiltonian, this latter being set in its nonrelativistic limits. The spectrum for each of these
more » ... ls is obtained in a simple and transparent way. We then generate new solvable potentials that describe interactions between electromagnetic field and matter, paying due attention to the subtleties inherent in the application of SUSY to higher dimensional problems. SUSY breaking problems related to the partner singularities are dicussed along with the paper.
doi:10.1515/phys-2015-0021 fatcat:db26nm3mujd7pbagnmokhmuuxy