Page Replacement Algorithm for Improving Performance of Hybrid Main Memory
하이브리드 메인 메모리의 성능 향상을 위한 페이지 교체 기법

Minhoe Lee, Dong Hyun Kang, Junghoon Kim, Young Ik Eom
2015 KIISE Transactions on Computing Practices  
In modern computer systems, DRAM is commonly used as main memory due to its low read/write latency and high endurance. However, DRAM is volatile memory that requires periodic power supply (i.e., memory refresh) to sustain the data stored in it. On the other hand, PCM is a promising candidate for replacement of DRAM because it is non-volatile memory, which could sustain the stored data without memory refresh. PCM is also available for byte-addressable access and in-place update. However, PCM is
more » ... e. However, PCM is unsuitable for using main memory of a computer system because it has two limitations: high read/write latency and low endurance. To take the advantage of both DRAM and PCM, a hybrid main memory, which consists of DRAM and PCM, has been suggested and actively studied. In this paper, we propose a novel page replacement algorithm for hybrid main memory. To cope with the weaknesses of PCM, our scheme focuses on reducing the number of PCM writes in the hybrid main memory. Experimental results shows that our proposed page replacement algorithm reduces the number of PCM writes by up to 80.5% compared with the other page replacement algorithms.
doi:10.5626/ktcp.2015.21.1.88 fatcat:rind2uvbqbcchdj2jfir24ugnu