Measurement and Tuning of the RF Field for the CSNS DTL

Ahong Li, Qiang Chen, MengXu Fan, Shinian Fu, Keyun Gong, Bo Li, Huachang Liu, Jun Peng, Pei Hua Qu, Yun Wang, Xiao Wu, Schaa, Volker RW (Ed.) (+4 others)
The CSNS DTL accelerates negative hydrogen ions from 3MeV to 80MeV with resonant frequency of 324MHz and peak current of 15mA. The CSNS includes four DTL cavities with diameter of 56.6cm and each length of 9 meters. RF properties research and measurement have been done to make sure the design and manufacture validate for beam operation. A new automatic system has been developed for measuring field distribution. The secondary derivation method is used to calculate the amount of the tuners to
more » ... axial field flatness. The tilt of TS curve is used to judge the gap between the post couplers and drift tubes to achieve stability. At last the tanks have good flatness and strong stabilization, the field deviation is 2% with the standard deviation of 0.96%, and the maximum TS parameter is 65%/MHz. After the low power RF tuning experiment, the four tans have been installed in the tunnel, and have gotten good results of high power test and beam acceleration experiment.
doi:10.18429/jacow-ipac2017-thpik050 fatcat:ctvnnrjmuvgl3mtaqxp5hb2nsu