An updated inventory of the non-native flora of Sardinia (Italy)

I. Camarda, T.A. Cossu, L. Carta, A. Brunu, G. Brundu
2016 Figshare  
We provide an updated inventory of the non-native flora of the Italian island of Sardinia, including accepted names, family, synonyms, biological form, fruit type, introduction pathway and native origin. This inventory was performed by reviewing the available literature and conducting dedicated field surveys across the entire island. The inventory catalogues 931 non-native taxa, including 31 cryptogenic species, 901 species, 14 subspecies, 13 varieties, two forms and one cultivar. We utilised
more » ... ivar. We utilised the position on the introduction–invasion continuum concept and meta-population criterion to further label each species. Based on these frameworks, the non-native flora of Sardinia can be divided into 274 casual, 169 naturalised, 19 invasive, 440 exclusively planted and 29 unobserved after 1950. There are 204 archaeophytes and 727 neophytes. The majority of the non-native species (791) were introduced to the island voluntarily, and 140 species were introduced accidentally. The present inventory identifies 72 additional non-native taxa not previously reported in the literature.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.2064504 fatcat:lzouebxxm5c6dm22rudmrwanje