Two Possible Side Reaction Pathways during Furanic Etherification

Wenting Fang, Hualei Hu, Zhongsen Ma, Lei Wang, Yajie Zhang
2018 Catalysts  
The revealing mechanism of side reactions is crucial for obtaining theoretical yield in industrialization when 2,5-bis(methoxymethyl)furan (BMMF) yield is above 95%. By-products catalyzed by the conventional ZSM-5 (C-ZSM-5) and hierarchical porous ZSM-5 (HP-ZSM-5) catalytic systems were different, and some key by-products were identified. Thus, possible pathways were proposed, which helps to further improve BMMF selectivity. Additionally, HP-ZSM-5 exhibited quicker reaction rate, higher BMMF
more » ... ld and selectivity, and slower deactivation process. The relatively weak acidity of HP-ZSM-5 suppresses the ring-opening reaction and subsequent side reactions, and introduction of mesopores improves mass transport and slightly increases hydration of 2,5-bis(hydroxymethyl)furan (BHMF).
doi:10.3390/catal8090383 fatcat:uqwb6lihpndahab7obmpa25cxi