Mathematical Modeling of Cooperative E-Learning Performance in Face to Face Tutoring (Ant Colony System Approach)

Hassan Mohammed Mustafa
2010 International Journal of Advanced Corporate Learning  
Investigational analy sis and evaluation of cooperative le arning phe nomenon is an inte rdisciplinary and challenging educational research issue. Educationalists have been inter esting in modeling of human's cooperative lea rning to investiga te its analog y with some learning aspects of observed s ocial in sect b ehavior. S pecifically, th is p aper presents real istic mod eling in spired from interdisciplinary integrated fields of ecology , education ,and a nimal behavior learning sciences.
more » ... learning sciences. Presented modeling considers cooperative behavioral learning at ant co lony s ystem ( ACS). That's motivated by qualitative sim ulation results obtained after running of an ACS algor ithm searching for optimal solution of Travelling Salesman Proble m (TSP). In the context of computational intellig ence ; cooperativ e ACS algorithm reaches optima l TSP solution analogously t o converg ence process of He bbian c oincidence le arning paradigm. M oreover, suggested mathematical modeling presents diversity of positive in terdependence as pect ob served d uring h uman's interactive coo perative l earning. I nterestingly, p resented analysis and evaluation of mathematically modeled practical insights of a dopted phenomenon, may shed light on promising fu ture en hancement of cooperative lea rning p erformance.
doi:10.3991/ijac.v3i4.1471 fatcat:htigluz6dvfbpdzulvj46rep74