Anthroponyms and Microtextology of Literary Text

Gulshat Zinnatullina, N.L. Shamne, L.N. Rebrina, E.Yu. Malushko, O. Larouk, S. Cindori
2018 SHS Web of Conferences  
This article deals with the basic types and functions of adjective constructions "accompanying" proper names in the literary text. This article continues research in the field of poetic onomastics. Stories and short novels by canonical Tatar writers such as A. Yeniki, M. Amir and F. Khusni served as a material for research. The object of study is anthroponyms and their immediate environment (appellatives and their combination with proper names). The novelty and topicality of the research can be
more » ... the research can be attributed to the fact that it is the first attempt to study anthroponyms in particular in combination with different appellative constructions. This, in its turn, allows us to consider anthroponyms as an important structure-forming element of the literary space. The research of the onomastic layer of the literary texts, which we chose, enabled us to draw conclusions about the wide use of dependent words (they are often participles and participial constructions) amid anthroponyms. We make an attempt to reveal the peculiarities of the use and functions of such constructions within the framework of this article. It has turned out that they may contain the most significant, comprehensive information on any character. In addition, these combinations serve as vivid expressive means, reflect specificity of the writer's artistic and creative thinking.
doi:10.1051/shsconf/20185001203 fatcat:w6n46ne2t5d7ha2ktiuiworpva