An Impedance Measurement Technique for Composite Materials Moisture Level Detection Devoted to Health Monitoring in Aeronautics

Romualdo Sorrentino, Luigi Di Palma, Michele Inverno, Paolo Vernillo
2019 Journal of Composites Science  
The current design practice of composite material aeronautical structures imposes the use of knock-down structural material allowables to take into account the high sensitivity to environmental exposure (i.e., moisture, temperature, damages). The "moisture derating factor" comes from specific mechanical test campaign and drastically reduces the advantage of using such materials; but the continuous monitoring of the moisture content of the structure could enable the use of higher design
more » ... her design allowables. In the framework of FUSIMCO (Work developed within the frame of the Project FUSIMCO-FUSoliera Ibrida Metallo COmposito-co-financed by MIUR-Italian Ministry of Research with DAC-Campania Aerospace District as beneficiary and Leonardo Company-Aerostructure Division as "prime" partner) project, the aim of this study is to verify the effectiveness of the impedance measurement method as a health-monitoring tool to evaluate the moisture quantity absorbed by an aeronautical composite structure. The method is based on the idea that a composite laminate can be associated with an equivalent electric circuit (EEC). Some electrical characteristics of this EEC can be associated to the moisture content of the laminate. A simple EEC model, mainly capacitive, was used. A frequency sweep was the electric stimulus signal of some electrodes, glued onto the specimens to investigate the EEC parameters variation with respect to the induced moisture content variation (gravimetrically determined). The study confirmed the possibility of effectively using the impedance measurement method as a health-monitoring tool for moisture content evaluation of a composite laminate.
doi:10.3390/jcs3030076 fatcat:2ikhmiff2vhbrjlybzmmo442ma