Phytochemicals and GC–MS analysis of bioactive compounds present in ethanolic leaves extract of Taraxacum officinale (L)

P Sasikala, S Ganesan, T Jayaseelan, S Azhagumadhavan, M Padma, S Senthilkumar, P Mani
2019 Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics  
Objective: To identify the phytochemical constituents present in ethanolic leaves extract of Taraxacum officinale (T. o) and to elucidate the bioactive compounds. Methods: The fresh leaves of T. officinale (1000g) were shade dried at room temperature for 30 days and the dried leaves were made into a fine powder. The ethanolic leaves extract obtained was dried with help of desiccator and rotatory evaporator. The dried samples tested for phytochemical analysis and bioactive compounds profiling
more » ... pounds profiling through GC-MS analysis. Results: The phytochemical screening studies showed presence of alkaloids, flavonoids, phenol, cardiac glycosides and anthraquinones. in the leaves extract of T. officinale. GC-MS analysis showed 10 essential bioactive compounds and it revealed the presence of significant anticancer, Antimicrobial and antidiabetic compounds. Conclusions: The ethanol extract of T. o possess the most important phytochemical compounds and it has various medicinal properties to cure dangerous diseases and disorders. Keywords: Taraxacum officinale, Phytochemicals analysis, GC–MS analysis, Biological compounds.
doi:10.22270/jddt.v9i1.2175 fatcat:y6vn5occhvgjhn7iul4akmxwzq