Commissioning of the Stripping Foil Units for the Upgrade of the PSB H⁻ Injection System

Chiara Bracco, Stephane Burger, Vincenzo Forte, Brennan Goddard, Greta Guidoboni, Louise Olivia Jorat, Bettina Mikulec, Araceli Navarro Fernandez, Remy Noulibos, Federico Roncarolo, Pieter Van Trappen, Wim Weterings (+5 others)
The PSB will be extensively upgraded during the next long shutdown of the CERN accelerator complex, to double the brightness of the stored beams. The existing multi-turn injection will be replaced by a charge exchange system designed for the 160 MeV hydrogen ions provided by Linac4. Part of the injection equipment has been temporarily installed along the Linac4-to-PSB transfer line and tested with beam. This allowed to gain experience with the system, test the related diagnostics and benchmark
more » ... alculations with measurements. An additional permanent stripping foil test stand is also installed right after the Linac and will be used to characterise new foils for possible future applications. The main outcomes, issues and applied or planned mitigations are presented for both installations.
doi:10.18429/jacow-ipac2017-mopik041 fatcat:52kvkf5fandbteousvlfj6q4ze