Pore pressures induced by piezocone penetration

Jin-chun Chai, Md. Julfikar Hossain, Da-Jun Yuan, Shui-long Shen, John P. Carter
2016 Canadian geotechnical journal (Print)  
The excess pore water pressures (u) induced by piezocone penetration and their dissipation around the cone have been investigated by laboratory model tests and theoretical/numerical analyses. Based on the test results, a method for predicting the cone penetration induced distribution of u has been proposed. By numerical analysis using the predicted initial distribution of u it has been demonstrated that dissipation of the pore water pressure measured at the shoulder of the cone (u 2 -type cone)
more » ... ne (u 2 -type cone) is a two-dimensional (horizontal radial and vertical) process. By comparing the simulated and laboratory-measured 2D dissipation curves, a back-fitted coefficient of consolidation in the horizontal direction (c h ) can be obtained. It has also been shown that a published method for estimating c h from measured non-standard dissipation curves (in which u 2 increases initially and then reduces) results in values of c h that agree well with values of c h deduced from the 2D analysis.
doi:10.1139/cgj-2015-0206 fatcat:ujijnvvk5vbdnlz3t25kszfjtm