Hall marks on gold and silver plate [book]

William Chaffers
1891 unpublished
Hall marks on gold and silver plate / with tables of annual date letters employed in the principal assay offices of England, Scotland, and Ireland from the earliest period of their use to the present day ; with extracts from the statutes and ordinances regulating the manufacture and stamping of the precious metals to which are added, fas-similes of the stamps on standard plate of English and foreign manufacture, by W. Chaffers. The Company's Ordinances oj? the year 1336 enjoin, that none do
more » ... n, that none do work gold unless it be as good as the assay of the mystery ; or in silver, unless as good or better than the king's coin or sterling, and that when done, it shall be brought to the Hall to be assayed, and that such as will bear the touch shall be marked " with the * That portion between brackets relating to rings, crosses and locks, repealed 21 Jac. 28. * Louis XL King of France, in an ordinance to the goldsmiths of Tours, January, 1470, authorizes them to employ only for ecclesiastical utensils, such as reliquaries, &c, gold and silver of base alloy, which pieces were to be inscribed " non venuridetur" to certify that they were not destined for commerce.
doi:10.5479/sil.181515.39088006282594 fatcat:cryk3whonjcfhf4tqzwu2asgia