Visual Object Agnosia in Brain Lesions (Review)

G.V. Tikhomirov, I.O. Konstantinova, M.M. Cirkova, N.A. Bulanov, V.N. Grigoryeva
2019 Sovremennye tehnologii v medicine  
Visual gnostic disorders are among the possible causes of disability in patients with brain lesions, but their prevalence and clinical significance in neurological practice are underestimated. This review gives insight into visual object agnosia as a manifestation of brain pathology. Particular attention is paid to the present-day ideas of the neuroanatomical and neurophysiological basis of visual gnosis. Clinical variants of visual object agnosia, their morphological substrates, features of
more » ... tes, features of neuropsychological diagnosis and basic approaches to patient rehabilitation are described. The unique possibilities of computer technologies for implementation of physical measurement principles, digital mapping and controlled optimization in diagnostic and rehabilitation processes, particularly, in visual object agnosia, are presented. Special emphasis is placed on the necessity to develop standardized valid methods for diagnosing visual object agnosias to improve the ways of their correction in neurological practice.
doi:10.17691/stm2019.11.1.05 fatcat:aq3ro4jn6fbxjbqolzw747hmea