Physiological chemistry

1883 Journal of the Chemical Society Abstracts  
35, 342--344).-This is simply an abstract of a paper which itself is a supplement to a former communication (Phil. Trans. [ii], 1859). In the paper referred to, the authors have given the percentage of total ash of the internal organs and of some other separate parts. Ten animals were selected, out of 326, for chemical examination, viz., a Eat calf; a haif fat and a fat ox ; a fat lamb; a store, a half fat, a fat, and a very fat sheep ; a store and a fat pig. It was shown that as the animal
more » ... t as the animal matured, the percentage of ash, like the nitrogenous matter, decreased, both in the entire body and especially in the collective carcase ; and it is now shown that the fatter the animal the less is t h e
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