The structure of BtuB with bound colicin E3 R-domain implies a translocon

Genji Kurisu, Stanislav D Zakharov, Mariya V Zhalnina, Sufiya Bano, Veronika Y Eroukova, Tatiana I Rokitskaya, Yuri N Antonenko, Michael C Wiener, William A Cramer
2003 Nature Structural & Molecular Biology  
Cellular import of colicin E3 is initiated by the Escherichia coli outer membrane cobalamin transporter, BtuB. The 135-residue 100-Å coiled-coil receptor-binding domain (R135) of colicin E3 forms a 1:1 complex with BtuB whose structure at a resolution of 2.75 Å is reported. Binding of R135 to the BtuB extracellular surface (∆G°= -12 kcal mol -1 ) is mediated by 27 residues of R135 near the coiled-coil apex. Formation of the R135-BtuB complex results in unfolding of R135 N-and C-terminal ends,
more » ... ferred to be important for unfolding of the colicin T-domain. Small conformational changes occur in the BtuB cork and barrel domains but are insufficient to form a translocation channel. The absence of a channel and the peripheral binding of R135 imply that BtuB serves to bind the colicin, and that the coiled-coil delivers the colicin to a neighboring outer membrane protein for translocation, thus forming a colicin translocon. The translocator was concluded to be OmpF from the occlusion of OmpF channels by colicin E3.
doi:10.1038/nsb997 pmid:14528295 fatcat:omzaytdq2nakjg5qultsc4dtey