Investigations on dynamics of serimore in relation to cellular catalase activity and economic traits of the silkworm hybrid

Akarsha MR, Jyoti Prasad Baruah, TS Jagadeesh Kumar, Chinmoyee Kalita
2020 International Journal of Applied Research  
In the present investigation, the FC1 x FC2 silkworm hybrid was utilized and analyzed the role of hemolymph and midgut catalase activity and the expression of the performance of the economic traits of the mulberry silkworm hybrid. The research data in relation to an investigation related to the influence of Serimore, a JH analog on hemolymph and midgut catalase of fifth instar silkworm and economic characters of FC1 X FC2 double hybrid are presented two different intervals of time of topical
more » ... time of topical administration. In silkworm, the hemolymph catalase activity major is decreased in the order of day 1 to day 6 in control, T1, and T2 batches. The order of decrease is due to the progressive development of the larval period but the quantum of changes is on par with T0, T1, and T2 batches and all the sixth days of fifth instar larvae. The midgut catalase activity of FC1 x FC2 silkworm hybrid showed relatively more compared to the hemolymph catalase activity at T0, T1, and T2 batches. It is because of the continuous food consumption, the enzyme profile exhibits profusely the activity of the enzyme. The quantum of expression of economic characters in terms of percent change is attributed to the expression of better performance of cocoon weight, shell ratio, filament length, filament weight, and denier except for renditta at T2(48h) and T1(24h) followed by T0(untreated control) were obtained in the present experimental approaches. Serimore is a bioactive synthetic formulation designed and developed for the improvement of breed performance and their evaluation, therefore it has been chosen for understanding the role/dynamics of the synthetic compound in the present investigations.
doi:10.22271/allresearch.2020.v6.i10o.7674 fatcat:dg463oadpvgoddxf4lticavw6m