Harpreet Kaur
2017 International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science  
In the proposed work, the main concern is to reduce the energy consumption while the node is in their working condition that is when the actual data transmission will take place. Other factor that we have considered is duty cycle. It is the time taken by the sensor nodes that operates irregularly rather than continuously. When the transmission distance is very small as compared to the threshold distance, duty cycle is very high and thus, there is no ideal time to recover charge for battery and
more » ... ge for battery and hence, battery recovery effect is not considered. With the help of WBAN, the patient can be observed from remote station and the collected information by the bio sensor nodes attached to the patient will be transferred by using any wireless mean like LAN, WAN, Bluetooth, radio signal or electromagnetic waves. Also the collected information will be saved in the data base for future use. In the proposed work, we are designing a network area having length and width of size 1000×1000 along with 50 numbers of sensor nodes for different transmission distance changes from 50 -7500 for different bit rate. All the simulation process will be carried out in MATLAB environment and the performance parameters like Duty cycle, Energy consumption with baseline, offline and recovery algorithm will be measured along with optimization algorithm named as Genetic algorithm. The communication in WBAN is divided into two types named as [5]: i. Intra-body communication ii. Extra-body communication In Intra-body communication, the information handling on the body of the patient is control between the sensors or actuators and personal devices [5] . In Extra-body communication, the communication between the personal devices like cell phone, laptop etc. and an external network is possible.
doi:10.26483/ijarcs.v8i8.4638 fatcat:qbud3qnhpfdwlmzc2gkwckywsm