About marsiyas dedicated to Karbala tragedy in Sharaf khanum bint Mehmed Nebil bey er-Rumi's literary legacy

S. Aliyeva
2016 Vìsnik Unìversitetu ìm. A. Nobelâ: Serìâ Fìlologìčnì Nauki  
The article is about the points concerned with Sufism (a concept in Islam) in Sharaf khanum's divan. Sufism is the integral part of Islamic culture. It is a philosophical system that has very rich values. In this kind of literature divine love theme has special place and it is at the heart of many works. The main theme of all works in Sharaf khanum's divan is also Sufism. Although she belonged to Mevlevi sect, she had great respect for Kadiri and Rifai sects and their shaikhs. She took
more » ... . She took cognizance of the poems dedicated to Uveys Karani and �azichizadeh Muhammed and �azichizadeh Bijan who were the prominent sufi thinkers and scientists of their time.In addition, her expression of love in the poems for Abdulqadir Gilani who was the wise founder of kadiri sect is analyzed. It should be noted that it is a great honor and success for the poetess. �ey �ords� Sharaf �hanim, islam, mystical, ga�elles, Propet Muhammad, The Divan's literature.
doi:10.32342/2523-4463-2016-0-11-62-65 fatcat:6ig5zjnwcffarmerz3mvxvq5tu