The Approximate Solution of Various Boundary Problems by Surface Integration combined with Freehand Graphs

L F Richardson
1910 Proceedings of the Physical Society of London  
The ptLrticiilar kind of surfece integration referred to is that which gives the value, at a single point inside the surface, of the integral of an equatioll which holds throughout the volume inside the surface. When, by symmetry, it is only necessary to apply it to a line lying in the surface it will be called 1 1 "crinietQr intcgratioii," riot c~intutir integration rid thc word I ' contour " i., ~c>t.r\-ctl tlJ 11lci111 CI liiic along nhicli A function of pobition is cunstniit. \-oL. SSIII. F
doi:10.1088/1478-7814/23/1/308 fatcat:ow244ccmsvf3fk4j5ve74tado4