Unsteady Collisionless Gaseous Plasma Flow in the Upper Layers of the Charged Atmosphere and The Investigation of Vlasov-Maxwell Equations System [post]

Taha Abdel Wahid, Adel Morad, Tark Lamoudan, Mohamad Almakrami
2020 unpublished
In the upper charged layers of the atmosphere, the plasma is very rarefied. The collisions between its molecules are almost non-existent, and the driving forces behind them are the Lorentz forces resulting from the electric and magnetic fields. For this reason, we are interested in studying the behavior of non-collision plasmas because of its essential applications, such as the movement of satellites in the charged atmosphere. In this paper, the flow problem of collisionless gaseous plasma is
more » ... gaseous plasma is examined. For that propose, we solve the unsteady Vlasov-Maxwell system of non-linear partial differential equations analytically. Methods of moments and traveling wave parameters are used to acquire an exact solution. Specific macroscopic properties of collisionless gaseous plasma are calculated along with electrical and magnetic fields. Further, thermodynamic estimation, such as entropy and entropy production, is presented. Those calculations allow us to measure the consistency with the laws of non-equilibrium thermodynamics. Relations between internal energy modification participations are predicted using Gibbs' equation for collisionless plasma. The modification effect of internal energies due to electro-magnetic fields is found to be small compared with the internal energy change due to the effect of entropy. That is because these fields are self-induced by plasma particles due to the sudden movement of the rigid plane plate. The results are accomplished according to the typical argon gaseous plasma model. Three-dimensional diagrams showing the measured variables are drawn to investigate and discuss their behavior. The problem has many commercial applications for the movement of objects in the charged atmosphere.
doi:10.20944/preprints202007.0321.v1 fatcat:lwotq2krlbct3hqyp3gnvg76uu