Identification of Plasma Lipidome Changes Associated with Low Dose Space-Type Radiation Exposure in a Murine Model

Maarisha Upadhyay, Meena Rajagopal, Kirandeep Gill, Yaoxiang Li, Shivani Bansal, Vijayalakshmi Sridharan, John B. Tyburski, Marjan Boerma, Amrita K. Cheema
2020 Metabolites  
Long-term exposures to low dose space radiation may have adverse effects on human health during missions in deep space. Conventional dosimetry, monitoring of prodromal symptoms, and peripheral lymphocyte counts are of limited value as biomarkers of organ- and tissue-specific radiation injury, particularly of injuries that appear weeks or months after radiation exposure. To assess the feasibility of using plasma metabolic and lipidomic profiles as biomarkers of injury from space radiation, we
more » ... ce radiation, we used a mouse model of exposure to low doses of oxygen ions (16O) and protons (1H). Plasma profiles were compared with those of mice exposed to γ-rays as a reference set. Our results demonstrate major changes in glycerophospholipid metabolism, amino acid metabolism, as well as fatty acid metabolism. We also observed dyslipidemia and lipid peroxidation, suggesting an inflammatory phenotype with possible long-term consequences to overall health upon exposure to low doses of high linear energy transfer (LET) radiation.
doi:10.3390/metabo10060252 pmid:32560360 fatcat:onhaduodyja27dz2verbe2mr4a