Badania szybkości zmian przełożenia bezstopniowej przekładni samochodowej

Article citation info: Radzymiński B. Efficiency tests of the continuously variable chain transmission of hybrid driving system for a passenger car. The Archives of Automotive Engineering -Archiwum Motoryzacji. 2018; 79: 53-64, http:// dx. Summary The article presents a research stand, a way of conducting and results of loss tests and prototype efficiency of a continuously variable chain transmission, which is to be used in a prototype hybrid drive system. This transmission is to serve as a
more » ... inuous module connecting the secondary energy source -flywheel and combustion engine with vehicle wheels. In addition, the article presents the idea of a prototype drive system with an explanation of the operation. In the proposed solution of the drive system, the efficiency of the continuously variable transmission
doi:10.15199/148.2017.5.2 fatcat:mknof5j4ujgxrmetfl7bx3xkwe