Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome in Man and Animals—A Review

Maduike C. O. Ezeibe, Ijeoma J. Ogbonna
2015 World Journal of AIDS  
The paper defined acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) as a hematological abnormality rather than a clinical abnormality. Viruses that cause AIDS in man and animals are reviewed. Suggestion that human immune deficiency virus (HIV) which causes HIV/AIDS in man is a mutant of simian immune deficiency virus (SIV) which causes SIV/AIDS in nonhuman primates is also reviewed. For a simple test to enable researchers in the developing countries which have the highest incidences of HIV/AIDS, join
more » ... of HIV/AIDS, join the global search for more effective treatment for the pandemic, direct passive hemagglutination test has been developed for in vitro testing of drugs, herbs and minerals that may have antiretroviral effects. Also reviewed are the similarities in pathogenesis of HIV infection in man and pathogenesis of infectious bursa disease virus (IBDV) in chicks to assess possibility of developing vaccine for HIV/AIDS. Finally, antiretroviral effects of medicinal synthetic aluminum-magnesium silicate as cure for HIV/AIDS were reviewed.
doi:10.4236/wja.2015.51006 fatcat:47z53uyfc5dxjcc5wxm4shundu