Calidad de vida, salud y enfermería en la perspectiva ecosistémica

C. Zamberlan, A. Calvetti, J. Deisvaldi, H.C.H. De Siqueira
2010 Enfermería Global  
Nº 20 Octubre 2010 Página 2 permite perceber o viver cotidiano em um contexto ambiental que é único ao sujeito envolvido nesse espaço. Entretanto, ao mesmo tempo, num contexto mais amplo, inúmeros espaços coletivos, com os quais se relaciona, as ações e atividades semelhantes ou diferentes se constroem e reconstroem de modo diferenciado corroborando para o diálogo, a discussão, a construção/reconstrução de saberes na perspectiva da promoção da saúde e da qualidade de vida. ABSTRACT The quality
more » ... STRACT The quality of life in the present context can be seen under various perspectives. So, this aims to reflect on the quality of life, health and nursing concepts from an ecosystemic perspective. It was built from a theoretical and philosophical reflection, and in analogy with authors who study and discuss the concept of health, nursing and quality of life in the light of systems thinking. It allowed the questioning of how the quality of life and health, in an expanded set of elements, relate to aspects of the ecosystem. In this way, it permits seeing daily life in a context of the unique environment of the subject involved in this space. However, in a broader context, numerous collective spaces, which are related, similar or different actions and activities are built and rebuilt differently corroborating for dialogue, discussion, construction/reconstruction of knowledge from the perspective of health promotion and quality of life.
doi:10.4321/s1695-61412010000300018 fatcat:ib2kjclwxzfhrkmrxxp6z2pa2m