Synergistic Modern Global 1 Km Cropland Dataset Derived from Multi-Sets of Land Cover Products

Chengpeng Zhang, Yu Ye, Xiuqi Fang, Hansunbai Li, Xueqiong Wei
2019 Remote Sensing  
The quality of global cropland products could affect our understanding of the impacts of cropland reclamation on global changes. With the advancement of remote sensing technology, several global land cover products and synergistic datasets have been developed in recent decades. However, there are still some disagreements among the global cropland datasets. In this paper, we proposed a new synergistic method that integrates the reliability of spatial distribution and cropland fraction on a pixel
more » ... fraction on a pixel scale, and developed a modern (around 2000 C.E.) fractional cropland dataset with a 1 km × 1 km spatial resolution on the basis of the spatial consistency of cropland reclamation intensity derived from multi-sets of global land cover products. The main conclusions are shown as follows: (1) The accuracy of spatial distribution assessed by validation samples in this synergistic dataset reaches 87.6%, and the dataset also has a moderate amount of cropland pixels when compared with other products. (2) The reliability of cropland fraction on the pixel scale had been highly improved, and most cropland pixel has a higher fraction (over 90%) in this dataset. The "L" shape of the histogram of pixel numbers with different reclamation intensities is reasonable because it is consistent with the up-scaling results derived from satellite-derived products with high spatial resolutions and the expert knowledge on cultivation. (3) The cropland areas in this non-calibrated result are generally closer to that of FAOSTAT on scales from global to national when compared to other non-calibrated synergistic datasets and original satellite-derived products. (4) The reliability of the synergistic result developed by this method might be decreased to some degree in the regions with high discrepancies among the original multi-sets of cropland datasets.
doi:10.3390/rs11192250 fatcat:3dfxsredsjbtvo7uo4csigrff4