Investigation of the safety grapeseed powder as an alternative to cocoa-powder in a confectionery glaze

O. Gorodyska, N. Grevtseva, O. Samokhvalova, O. Savchenko, A. Grygorenko
2018 Harčova Nauka ì Tehnologìâ  
The article considers the safety and environmental cleanliness of grapeseed powders compared to the natural and alkalized cocoa powders. The content of heavy metals in the investigated powders has been determined by the atomic adsorption method; radionuclide activity has been determined by the spectrometric method; the presence of mycotoxins B1, T-2-toxin, zearalenone, and deoxynivalenol (vomitoxin) has been determined by thin-layer chromatography; the amount of nitrates has been determined by
more » ... been determined by the ionometric method; contamination of powders with organophosphorous and organochlorine pesticides has been determined by chromatographic method. According to the results of experiments, the content of heavy metals in all investigated powders is within the limits of the maximum permissible concentration, whilst powders of grapeseeds are notable for a significantly lower mass content of plumbum, zinc, copper salts. As for the radioactivity of grapeseed powders, the activity of radionuclides is significantly below the permissible level. Presence of aflatoxin В1 has been detected in the alkalized cocoa powder sample, of zearalenone – in the grapeseed powder oilcake sample. Their concentration does not exceed the allowable concentration. Mycotoxines are absent in other samples investigated. Concentration of nitrates in the natural and alkalized cocoa powder samples is by 20–30 times higher than that found in grapeseed powders. The content of organophosphorous and organochlorine pesticides in all cocoa powder samples and all grapeseed containing powders is below the method's threshold of detectability. The glaze samples containing the additives investigated have a considerably lower content of heavy metals compared to the reference samples. Glaze with cocoa powder partially replaced with grapeseed powders has high organoleptic quality parameters. During the glazing process, it is applied on the surface of products in thin layers and cools down in small waves. The results obtained prove that domestic raw materials are safe for human health, and confectionery glaze containing grapeseed powders as partial replacement of the cocoa powder has high safety characteristics.
doi:10.15673/fst.v12i3.1041 fatcat:qlms3gfcjney7aincckdyroku4