Notes from Connecticut

W. E. Britton
1908 Journal of Economic Entomology  
Odohe,', 'OS] JOUR~AL Oh' ECONOZlIIC E:-ITOMOLOGY 313 Vl'ntl'aJ~I't!"e are !'Illall :lnd fine. TIle third pail' of ventrnl seta? are long and stout. The caudal Jo;etreare of medium length. The accesJo;OI'YJo;etreare not presl'llt. The females measure from 180 to 220 microns IOIlf(,while tue males averag-(' about 170 microns in length .
doi:10.1093/jee/1.5.313 fatcat:a3xfs72o3zgv7grycifxr7ndca