SlGT11 Controls Floral Organ P atterning and F loral Determinacy in Tomato [post]

Liling Yang, Shilian Qi, Arfa touqeer, Haiyang Li, Xiaolan Zhang, XiaoFeng Liu, shuang wu
2020 unpublished
Background: Flower development directly affects fruit production in tomato. Despite the framework mediated by ABC genes have been established in Arabidopsis, the spatiotemporal precision of floral development in tomato has not been well examined.Results: Here, we analyzed a novel tomato stamenless like flower (slf) mutant in which the development of stamens and carpels is disturbed, with carpelloid structure formed in the third whorl and ectopic formation of floral and shoot apical meristem in
more » ... he fourth whorl. Using bulked segregant analysis (BSA), we assigned the causal mutation to the gene Solanum lycopersicum GT11 (SlGT11) that encodes a transcription factor belonging to Trihelix gene family. SlGT11 is expressed in the early stages of the flower and the expression becomes more specific to the primordium position corresponding to stamens and carpels in later stages of the floral development. Further RNAi silencing of SlGT11 verifies the defective phenotypes of the slf mutant. The carpelloid stamen in slf mutant indicates that SlGT11 functions like as a B-type gene in the third whorl. The failed termination of floral meristem and the occurrence of floral reversion in slf indicate that SlGT11 also functions as a C-type gene in the fourth whorl. Furthermore, we find that at higher temperature, the defects of slf mutant are substantially enhanced, with petals transformed into sepals, all stamens disappeared, and the frequency of ectopic shoot/floral meristem in fourth whorl increased, indicating that SlGT11 may have the function of tomato B and E class gene in the development of second and fourth whorls.Conclusions: Together with the spatiotemporal expression pattern, we suggest that SlGT11 functions in floral organ patterning and maintenance of floral determinacy in tomato.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:dtmkvwwavjcallvfoy5juxic6m