Структура Самооцінки Навчальної Діяльності Майбутнього Вчителя

2018 Zenodo  
The research represents the role of self-assesment of educational activity in the structure of self-awareness and general self-evaluation (the general self-assessment as a generic concept → specific self-assessment as a type concept of the first level → Selfassessment of educational activity as a type concept of the second level. Taking into the account the scientific analysis and generalization of psychological and pedagogical research data the essence and structure of the self-assessment of
more » ... elf-assessment of educational activity together with its components are revealed and the following components were determined: cognitive, motivational, activity exposing, productive and reflexive. The cognitive component of self-assessment of educational activities includes the future teacher's knowledge about theirselves, their opportunities in teaching and learning activities, the practical application of knowledge about the essence of self-esteem and its role in achieving success in this type of activity. The motivational component of self-assessment of educational activities involves awareness of of the importance of adequate self-esteem, its necessity in learning activities and it is significant to consider it as a means of increasing the effectiveness of educational activities. Activity exposing component of self-assesment of educational activity as a separate type of educational activity involves the agent's possession of self-assessment skills (which means to correlate the obtained estimates with the real level of knowledge of discipline, to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of an answer), it is also significant in order to provide self-organization, to analyse the study task and its adjustment to the particular situation,to develop a plan of implementation and the application of adequate means of action, the operation of skills, to be aware of the methods of activity that are taking place in the process of solving educational task. [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1255944 fatcat:hmqgvwvyjrdlxi57qgaqdq6vqa