Heterotic Kähler/non-Kähler Transitions

Melanie Becker, Li-Sheng Tseng, Shing-Tung Yau
2008 Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics  
We show how two topologically distinct spaces -the Kähler K3 × T 2 and the non-Kähler T 2 bundle over K3 -can be smoothly connected in heterotic string theory. The transition occurs when the base K3 is deformed to the T 4 /Z Z 2 orbifold limit. The orbifold theory can be mapped via duality to M-theory on K3 × K3 where the transition corresponds to an exchange of the two K3's.
doi:10.4310/atmp.2008.v12.n5.a4 fatcat:io3lqwq3ybfodlsuckkfxe34da