Comparison of Infrared Thermography and Heat Flux Method for Dynamic Thermal Transmittance Determination

Mergim Gaši, Bojan Milovanović, Sanjin Gumbarević
2019 Buildings  
This paper proposes an alternative experimental procedure that uses infrared thermography (IRT) for measuring the surface temperature of building elements, through which it is possible to approximate the thermal transmittance or the U-value. The literature review showed that all authors used similar procedures that require semi-stationary heat transfer conditions, which, in most cases, could not be achieved. The dynamic and the average methods that are given in ISO 9869 were also used with the
more » ... also used with the IRT and the heat flux method (HFM). The dynamic method (DYNM) shows a higher level of accuracy compared to the average method (AVGM). Since the algorithm of the DYNM is more complicated than that of the AVGM, Microsoft Excel VBA was used to implement the algorithm of the DYNM. Using the procedure given in this paper, the U-value could be approximated within 0–30% of the design U-value. The use of IRT, in combination with the DYNM, could be used in-situ since the DYNM does not require stable boundary conditions. Furthermore, the procedure given in this paper could be used for relatively fast and inexpensive U-value approximation without the use of expensive equipment (e.g., heat flux sensors).
doi:10.3390/buildings9050132 fatcat:ockpeqr7bbfktf4ptpjh3tirse