Difficult Cutting Property of NiTi Alloy and Its Mechanism

Hiroo Shizuka, Katsuhiko Sakai, Hao Yang, Kazuki Sonoda, Tetsuo Nagare, Yuji Kurebayashi, Kunio Hayakawa
2020 Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing  
This paper describes the difficult machinability of nickel titanium alloy (NiTi alloy) and its mechanism. As a result of examining the difficult cutting machinability via a turning experiment, NiTi alloy cutting showed larger cutting force, higher cutting temperature, and severe tool wear with plastic deformation of the tool compared to Ti-6Al-4V. In addition, the discharged chips were tangled with the jaw chuck and the cutting tool. As a result of investigating the cause of these difficult
more » ... these difficult machining properties by orthogonal cutting, it was found that the progression of severe flank wear is affected by the elastic recovery due to the super elasticity of the material. The verification of the results according to the shear plane theory suggest that the large deformation resistance of the material is the cause of the increase in cutting temperature. Furthermore, because the cutting temperature exceeds the shape memory transformation temperature, the generated chips are shape memory processed. It was also found that because the generated chips are super elastic, chips are not easily broken and they are lengthened, and are easily entangled with a cutting tool and a jaw chuck.
doi:10.3390/jmmp4040124 fatcat:tae6r4d7mrcarnwaf46ft3f56a