Psychological and Pedagogical Helping to Preschoolers Using the Methods of Psychotechnics Based on the Movements
Психолого-педагогическая помощь дошкольникам с использованием методов психотехник, основанных на движении

E.V. Gorshkova
2020 Vestnik praktiÄ?eskoj psihologii obrazovaniâ  
The article describes the conditions for the active development of psychological and pedagogical assistance to children 3–7 years old in Russian preschool institutions, the beginning of the using of movement-based psychotechnics in working with preschool children. The problem is formulated as the need to search and develop methods of psychological and pedagogical assistance to preschool children, which use motor tasks that "work" to identify and overcome difficulties in developing
more » ... oping communication, arbitrariness, the emotional sphere, etc. A literature review of domestic scientific and practical research is given, which describe the possibilities of different technologies based on movement: emotional and motor psychotechnics (E.V. Gorshkova, E.V. Chernigina, Yu.V. Antipova, E.G. Zhabina), the technique of creating a spatial image of oneself in children on the age from 1,5 to 4 (E.O. Smirnova, E.A. Abdulaeva), the technique of "educational kinesiology" (A.L. Diterikhs). The research results showed the effectiveness of these techniques in the development and correction of emotional-personal sphere and behavior among preschoolers, however, these researches do not cover the whole range of psychological and pedagogical problems encountered in preschoolers of different ages. This review allows us to outline the problems of future research.
doi:10.17759/bppe.2020170103 fatcat:5lixwdixkzfjlpfcgadxerpbmm