Rainfall and crops

S. E. Moffett
1885 Science  
elevate, ratlier than cater to, the present standard of physical instruction in tlie schools. TiT. [The ' master mind ' was distinctly recognized, and its presence clieerf~~lly aclrno~vledged, in the rerie~v to ~vhicli the above refers. Tlie re~iewer heartily ,joir~s his critic in his desire for a 'closer exaxnillation ' to deteriniile the jnstice of the commex~ts iiiade. Such an examination ~vill unquestionably sho~v that every criticis111 made in tlie review is ~vell fomided. I t will be
more » ... d. I t will be generally admitted tliat an explar~atiox~ wliicli needs esplaining is not extremely satisfactory. Tlie points under disc~~ssion nsu-are such as are not ally co~~siilcred ill boolis with wllicll the teacher is liliely to be familiar; mid erroneous arid confusing statements will generally be accepted, althougll not ux~derstood. The result must be dishearteiiiiig, if not disnstrous. I t seems ~viser, therefore, to war11 liixn to be on tile Iooliont for errors which have not been eliminated fro111 this first editiox~, but ~~-1lich arc, not liliely to be fon~ld in a second. And this is especially true of a booli wliicli co11ti~i11s as Inany really good aiid original things as the ' Ne~v physics,' and whicli carries the ~veight which riaturally and necessarily goes with any thing Professor Trowbridge writes. - REV.] T h e e a r t h q u a k e of J a n . 2. Supposing that reasonal)l,y esact detern~irialior~s of the time a~i d character ot seis~nic plienomena are useful, I selitI the follonilig note on the sliocl; of Jan. 2 a t Washington. I recognized tlie c h~~r a c t e r of the shocli a t tlie instant of its occuTence, arid titned it. 0x1the following day, cornparing xny ~vtttcl~ with one set to the standard (not local) tinie adopted for this city, I found the slioclc occurred at ! I h. 16 111. 1,.1r., civil tin~e, to which tlie correction to the Wnshington meridian is to be applied. My residelice is close to Ascension cli~lrch, on the highest lantl anray fro111 tile boundaries of the city: the gratle is iiinot,y-two feet above mean level of the river, aiid two feet higher tlian the base of the capitol. I was in the thircl-story back room, facing east into the bacli-yal.d, and soutll into an alley. l'he house is of bricli, and above the 121iddl(, of tlie second story is isolated. The ~l~o c l i was a distinct axid very heavy and sudden jar, not accompanied by noise, u~iless by a slight rattling of tile wiiido~vs, and lasted less than a second. The sensation mas as if a very heavy body had strrlclc the earth, yet alst) as if the jar were partly upward rather than d o~n w a r d . Tllere was no secoi~d sl~ocli within fifteen minutes, altliongll I saw a paragraph in the daily press to tile effect that one individual alleges that lie felt a second shocli about 11 p.31. at Alexandria, Va.
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