Enhancing Contention Resolution ALOHA Using Combining Techniques

Federico Clazzer, Christian Kissling, Mario Marchese
2018 IEEE Transactions on Communications  
Recently, random access protocols have acquired a new wave of interest, not only from the satellite communication community, but also from researchers active in fields like Internet of Things and machine-to-machine. Asynchronous (slot- and frame-wise) ALOHA-like random access protocols, are very attractive for such applications, enabling low complexity transmitters and avoiding time synchronization requirements. Evolutions of ALOHA employ time diversity through proactive replication of packets,
more » ... but the time diversity is not fully exploited at the receiver. Combining techniques, as selection combining and maximal-ratio combining, are beneficial and are adopted in the enhanced contention resolution ALOHA (ECRA) scheme, presented here. A tight approximation of the packet loss rate for asynchronous random access, including ECRA, well suited for the low channel load region is derived. Finally, ECRA is evaluated in terms of spectral efficiency, throughput and packet loss rate in comparison with recent protocols, showing that it is able to largely outperform both slotted synchronous and asynchronous schemes.
doi:10.1109/tcomm.2017.2759264 fatcat:bh7q77kggzdo7gn5icf2s4zjm4