Electromagnetic characteristics and effective gauge theory of double-layer quantum Hall systems

K. Shizuya
2002 Physical Review B (Condensed Matter)  
The electromagnetic characteristics of double-layer quantum Hall systems are studied, with projection to the lowest Landau level taken into account and intra-Landau-level collective excitations treated in the single-mode approximation. It is pointed out that dipole-active excitations, both elementary and collective, govern the long-wavelength features of quantum Hall systems. In particular, the presence of the dipole-active interlayer out-of-phase collective excitations, inherent to
more » ... systems, modifies the leading O(k) and O(k^2) long-wavelength characteristics (i.e., the transport properties and characteristic scale) of the double-layer quantum Hall states substantially. We apply bosonization techniques and construct from such electromagnetic characteristics an effective theory, which consists of three vector fields representing the three dipole-active modes, one interlayer collective mode and two inter-Landau-level cyclotron modes. This effective theory properly incorporates the spectrum of collective excitations on the right scale of the Coulomb energy and, in addition, accommodates the favorable transport properties of the standard Chern-Simons theories.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.65.205324 fatcat:c55m6oz37ncotn2ab6b7ff7ejq