Electrical analog of a Josephson junction [report]

A.M. Goldman
1979 unpublished
I t is noted that a nathematical description of the phase-coupling of two osci 1 lators synchronized by a phase-lock-loop under the influence of thermal white noise is analogous to that of the phase coupling of two superconductors i n a Josephson junction also under the influence of noise. This analogy may be useful i n studying thresho1d"instabilities of the ~osephson junction i n regimes not restricted to the case of large damping. This i s of interest because the behavior o f the mean vof
more » ... o f the mean vof tage near the thresh01 d current can be characterized by critical exponents which resemble those exhibited by an order parameter of a continuous phase transition. A s i t is possible t o couple a collection of oscillators together i n a chain, t h e oscillator analogy may also be useful in' exploring the dynanics and s t a t i s t i c a l mechanics of coup1 ed junctions.
doi:10.2172/5148396 fatcat:oj26nq7p7zdflhfevxqi6yolpu