Software Product Lines in Value Based Software Engineering

Maria Teresa Baldassarre, Danilo Caivano, Giuseppe Visaggio
2006 unpublished
Objective: Evaluate the value of a product line in terms of maintainability, extensibility and configurability with refer to the interested stakeholders: customers, maintainers, producers. Rationale: There are values that customers constantly require in a modern software application. Some of these values are supported by product lines. Nevertheless, in the industrial and scientific communities the conjecture that customer values clash with those of producers/maintainers is diffused. Design of
more » ... ffused. Design of Study: we have designed and carried out a case study in an industrial context on an ongoing project to verify the validity of a product line in creating value for stakeholders. So data was collected as the project was being executed along a nine month period. Then, descriptive statistics and hypothesis testing were carried out. Results: experience acquired during the execution of an industrial project has allowed the authors to point out the differences between program families and software product lines. Also, the case study has shown how product lines contribute to stakeholder value proposition elicitation and reconciliation. Conclusions: This study has represented a first step towards analyzing the value that product lines represent for various stakeholders.
doi:10.14236/ewic/ease2006.13 fatcat:fqbp2k646jhgnjxgwa6zhomvwe