Sinemis Çetin Dağlı, Zekiye Özkan, Ersin Arslan, Mehmet Baytaş
2019 Zenodo  
Purpose: The purpose of this study is to determine factors encouraging people who do orienteering sport in Turkey to start this sport and their expectations. Material and Method: The survey used in the study was developed Sunay and Saracoglu and was applied to other branches, and its validity and reliability were accepted(Sunay & Saracoglu, 2003). For this survey applied to orienteering branch, expert opinions were taken, and required regulations were done. This study was carried out with 258
more » ... ried out with 258 people, who do orienteering sport and whose age average was 26,77 ± 8.029. Because data did not show normal distribution as a result of Kolmogorov-Smirnov normality test, "Non-parametric" test was used. For multiple comparisons Kruskal Wallis H test and Mann-Whitney U test and descriptive statistics in analysis of distinction between groups were used in the situations in which normality and homogeneity of variances were not provided. Significance level for comparisons was determined as p<0,05. Findings: While friend and peer group was in the first place among factors encouraging people to start orienteering sport, effect of television channels on directing to sport was found very low. Among the reasons why they do the sport, liking orienteering sport is in the first place, and attending to a friend group is in the last places. While it has been seen that expectations of being chosen for National Team and playing for National Team are in the first places, expectations of being a refree are in the last places. When total points related to factors encouraging people to do sport, the reasons why they do sport and their expectations were evaluated, a significant difference between sex and sport years was not seen. A significant difference between the reasons why they do this sport and father's educational level was seen (p<0.05). Between the reasons why they do this sport and father's educational level, a negative relation was seen. A significant difference between the [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3364054 fatcat:6hfj4wofuzb2vh7sq4saq47rv4