A Three-Dimensional Head-Neck Model: Validation for Frontal and Lateral Impacts

M. de Jager, A. Sauren, J. Thunnissen, J. Wismans
1994 SAE Technical Paper Series   unpublished
Thc thrcedimcnsional head-neck modelof Dcng and Goldsmith (J. Biomcch., 1987) was adaptcd and implemented in thc integratcd multibody/finitc clemcnt codc MADYMo. Thc model compriscs rigid head and vertcbrae, connectcd by linear viscoelastic intcrvertcbral joints and nonlinear clastic muscle elcments. lt was elaboratcly validatcd by comparing modcl rcsponsr3 with thc Ícsponscs of human voluntcers subjcctcd to írontal and lateral sled accelcration impacts. Frir rgrecmcnt was found for both
more » ... . Furthcr, a scnsitivity rnalysis was performed to assess thc cffcct of parametcr variationr on model rcsponse. The model proved satisfactory and may be used as a tool to improve restraint systems or dummy necks.
doi:10.4271/942211 fatcat:usklfeet2zhtjmdmez7rythk24