Highly efficient blue top-emitting device with phase-shift adjustment layer

Yanlong Meng, Wenfa Xie, Guohua Xie, Letian Zhang, Yi Zhao, Jingying Hou, Shiyong Liu
2009 Optics Express  
The phase shift on the reflection from a semitransparent electrode of a top-emitting organic light-emitting device is utilized in this paper to realize a deep blue emission with high efficiency. The phase shift could be adjusted by changing the thickness of Alq 3 when it was deposited onto the semitransparent electrode of the device. Through simulation it is found that the blue shift of the resonant wavelength occurs in a certain range, which is concerned with Alq 3 thickness and the cavity
more » ... and the cavity length between two reflective electrodes. According to the simulation, a blue topemitting organic light-emitting device with a designed structure was demonstrated experimentally by using such a phase-shift adjustment layer. Finally, the device showed excellent performance both in efficiency (3.4 cd/A at 8 V) and Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage coordinates (0.13, 0.15). The brightness of the device reached 20 000 cd/m 2 .
doi:10.1364/oe.17.005364 pmid:19333301 fatcat:kazle6icwnafncqlkfomqlbyny