The Letheon and Dr. Wells

Edward Warren
1847 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
ment.-Hot sinapisms and hot flannels were applied, as in the former cases, with an occasional wann bath. Cold water was applied by means of wet cloths, and continued twelve hours, when the narcotic effects having subsided, recovery followed. In regard »to the above cases, I would remark, that I consider the success owing to the thorough application of the water to the head, thereby prolonging the powers of life until the suspension of the narcotic effects of the drug. From the experiments of
more » ... e experiments of Sir B. C. Brodie, who has clearly demonstrated that opium produces death by paralyzing the nerves of respiration, is it not possible that partial, if not entire, congestion of the brain takes place in fatal cases ? If so, may we not rationally come to the conclusion that the refrigerating application has a powerful tendency to prevent such congestion, and therefore deserves the attention of the profession ?
doi:10.1056/nejm184704280361305 fatcat:5tvlvwsuzvc7jbwefgjombcwje