A new concept for production of (3S,4R)-6-[(benzyloxycarbonyl)amino]-5,6-dideoxyhex-2-ulose, a precursor of d-fagomine

Martina Sudar, Zvjezdana Findrik, Đurđa Vasić-Rački, Anna Soler, Pere Clapés
2015 RSC Advances  
A novel cascade reaction combining three enzymes in one pot for the production of aldol adduct (3S,4R)-6-[(benzyloxycarbonyl)amino]-5,6-dideoxyhex-2-ulose was studied and 79% yield on aldol adduct was achieved in the batch reactor.
doi:10.1039/c5ra14414k fatcat:cbodf6cnrffy3f2u7o34tahyu4